Putting the Pieces Together

The landscape of Public Relations is not what it used to be.  The mandated use of press releases, expensive advertisements, and other costly media strategies has faded into the background.  The Public Relations field is juggling the new landscape of social media, real-time marketing, and a fresh client focus from a traditional marketing platform according to David Meerman Scott in his book The New Rules of Public Relations.  The new direction has a high concentration on content, buyer persona’s, and collaboration with digital media.   The focus is on building relationships first and understanding your client’s needs. From there you develop your content to meet those needs, so they are easily located for the potential client searching for answers.

The relationship development concept is one that distinguished Mary Kay, Inc from other companies over 50 years ago.  Mary Kay Ash had many naysayers in those early years, but the consistent application of the process netted both the company and consultants revenues they never imagined initially.  So, we have come full circle in how we approach marketing and public relations as a whole, but this time it’s on steroids thanks to the plethora of social media now readily available.

With the digital driver being accessible to everyone, the ability to conduct real-time marketing, create content that speaks to each consumer in their reference language. Being able to anticipate the needs through carefully outlining a persona for each type of user/client, allows for the narrative to resonate with the search.  The rapport is initiated, and they love the fact that someone took the time to answer their questions, some before they even knew they were questions.

Other trending pieces that promise to integrate into Public Relations are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the diversity of additional languages other than English.  The AI factor can streamline the story and it’s dissemination.  Another language provides influence by further meeting clients where they are and better understand their unique needs.

Integration of these features will vary with the overall collaboration as is appropriate for each business.  What is certain, the traditional world of relying on press releases, massive ad budgets, and image management are fading.  Listen to your clients and speak to them for the greatest success.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR – David Meerman Scott (2017, 6thEdition) @dmscott

What lies ahead for Public Relations in 2018? – PRsay

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